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It’s February 14, 2022, which also means it’s Valentine’s Day, but instead of going on and on about what to do this day with your love interest or partner, let’s talk about Self Love!

Being in love with every part of yourself.

That’s right, I said it, Self Love!

What is Self-Love?

Self-Love is defined as - Being in love with every part of yourself. Taking care of your own need and not sacrificing your wellbeing to please others. Not setting for less than you deserve.

Such a beautiful and vitally important wellness concept, but for many, it escapes them daily. Maybe because they were never taught such a thing, or they feel self-love and acts of self-care are selfish, or there is no time for such frivolousness, or quite simply wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Now that you are aware and opening up to loving yourself, you will need to take it a bit further and start providing yourself with nourishing acts of self-care.

Both Self-love and Self-care are non-negotiable parts of your life; it is essential to our health and wellness journey.

So, what are acts of Self-care for you?

Well, here is one way to get you started. First, figure out what you need to address, are you stressed, do you lack movement or exercise, do you lack a creative outlet? Then, make a list of activities you love that nourish your mind and/or body in some areas you feel have lacked your attention, love, and care.

Here are some suggestions for a nourishment list.

  • Get outside - Even during the colder months, because you will burn more calories, lessen any symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and get a better night's sleep.

  • Relax and get comfy - Sip a cup of hot tea, start reading that book you bought ages ago or watch that movie you have wanted to see. It's ok, relaxing is productive! Plus, if you are feeling anxious, these are some great tea options to help you relax and find calm:

Green Tea

Mint Tea


Lavender Teas

Rose Teas.


  • Get creative - DIY projects, Arts, Crafts - whatever you choose. Connecting with your creative side can reduce stress, depression, anxiety and leave you feeling a sense of accomplishment. Some examples are:



Arts & Crafts


  • Color! - Yes, you read that right; coloring is not just for kids. Studies show that coloring helps relax the amygdala, your brain's fear center.

Similar to meditation state, coloring reduces the thoughts of a restless mind. It also

cultivates mindfulness and quietness, allowing your mind to relax and rest after a

stressful event or day.

  • Mindfulness and Mindful Meditation – It’s terrific if you deal with a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Mindfulness is:

To be content in thoughts, observe but not analyze.

To be more in touch with the body, mind, and emotions when they occur.

To have acceptance rather than passive resilience.

Starting with 3-minute meditation a day is all it takes to help begin to find calm again.

  • Movement or Exercise



Meditation Movement




Any activity of your choice that you enjoy is perfect for you.

So, I say Valentine’s Day is not just a day to shower others with love and affection but to begin the habit of showering yourself with love and affection.

No excuses, if you already have plans tonight, ok. Then start your self-love journey by creating a list of nourishing self-care acts that you can start tomorrow!

Your health and wellness are the priority; you will thank yourself one day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!



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