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About My  Journey

I know life can be stressful at times, but it doesn't have to stay that way!

Hi there!

I'm Karen, a wellness advocate here to support your health and wellness journey by helping you manage stress and prioritize self-care.

I'm a certified health and life coach, certified yoga instructor, and meditation facilitator. I provide wellness services and guidance to help you manage your stress and find balance in your life.

So, whether you're struggling with work-life balance, family illness, or dealing with anxiety triggered by many of life's challenges, we will work together to help you find your calm, meet your goals, and feel better. We will design and build a solid foundation to improve your overall well-being.

Let’s work together to reduce stress and achieve your full potential can Bloom and Live Your Best Life!

Head Shot of owner and coach

Karen Mgerack | Coach, Instructor, and Owner 

A little more about me and my journey to coaching ...

I don’t want to bore you with too many details about myself because I’m here to help you, but I thought you may want to know a few things about me before you decide to work with me.

​I attended Kean University directly after completing high school. I originally wanted to major in both Fine Arts and Psychology, but in the end, Fine Arts won. So I graduated with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and went to work full-time 9 to 5, or should I say 7 to 5 job, which was not art-related. I know…what a surprise…

While working, I felt like I wasn’t serving my true purpose and not really helping anyone.  So, after about four years, I enrolled in college and majored in Psychology at William Paterson University.

After graduating with my BA in Psychology, life took some unexpected turns, as it does for all of us, and I could not continue to graduate school.  So back, I was again working another 9 to 5 job.  I did enjoy it at times.  I eventually began focusing on Marketing, which allowed me to use my Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Psychology knowledge, plus my business experience, and I took a few certification courses.  But like for many, at the beginning of 2020, when remote work started, my schedule turned into a 6 to 5 job with no respect boundaries for personal time. 

Throughout 2020, I took small steps to improve my health because I battled daily anxiety and bouts of depression for many years but always used unhealthy vices to cope. Working from home made it easier to make better choices. But the job stress and family and pet health issues began to really pile up.  I knew I needed to do more for myself and that I wasn’t serving my purpose. I could not see myself working in this type of industry forever and I truly want to help others to improve their health and feel better too.  So, I started looking into my options, and I happened upon a coaching certification program and watched a few webinars. 

I won’t lie; I dragged my feet a lot out of fear, but by May 2021, I decided it was time for a change! So, I made a fantastic investment in myself and enrolled in a Health Coach Certification Program with the Health Coach Institute.  I also enrolled and completed a Mindfulness and Mindful Meditation Certification program with YogaRenew. In 2022 I enrolled and completed my YTT 200 hour Yoga Instructor training.  I’m currently working on my specialty training in Restorative Yoga.

So here I am!  Your wellness advocate and professional at  Desert to Bloom Wellness!

​I’m still working my 9-5, and some days are still challenging, but I am still right path in my journey!  I am now blooming into the person and coach I want to be.  I am serving my greater purpose by helping and empowering individuals to take action, relieve stress, and improve their health so they can Bloom and Live Their Best Life!

Random Facts!

I said good-bye to my best friend, a 14.5 yr old long hair dachshund, in October. It broke my heart, I meditated twice a day now to cope with the grief. 

I am an animal lover!  I want to rescue and foster someday. I adopted a Mini Goldendoodle. 


I'm an artist and crafter. View my work at

From "9 - 5," I'm an Event and Marketing Professional; find me on LinkedIn! ​

I am dedicated to diversity and inclusion, and a LGBTQ+ Alli.


love symbolism, so I chose the cactus as my visual because it symbolizes Endurance and Strength.

A cactus can survive in extremely arid areas of the desert. Even though the cactus may struggle through its life, someday it will produce and Bloom beautiful flowers.

It is a symbol for the people who face struggles and hard times in life but still have the endurance and strength that will allow them to Bloom!


  • Certified Health Coach - Health Coach Institute

  • Certified Life Coach - Health Coach Institute

  • Mindfulness & Mindful Meditation Certified -  YogaRenew

  • Certified YTT 200hr Yoga Instructor - YogaRenew

  • Restorative Yoga Certification- YogaRenew

  • Yin Yoga Certification - In Process - YogaRenew 

  • Certified Diet and Nutrition Coach - Udemy 

  • Herbalism: Introduction & Medicine Making Certificate - Udemy

  • Stress Management Coach Certification - Udemy 


  • BA Psychology - William Paterson University, NJ

  • BFA Fine Arts - Studio - Kean University, NJ


  • Insured by BeYogi/Insurance Plus


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