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Self-Care and Stress Management Program

A Nine-Week Self-Care and Stress Management Program

Service Description

Desert to Bloom’s Self-Care | Stress Management Program is for you if you are feeling the effects of stress on your mind and body, brought by school/life balance, work/life balance, caregiver responsibilities/life balance, anxiety, depression, illness, or a combination of several. If you are looking for a sign or you know now is the time to start managing your stress and creating new self-care habits to help improve your overall well-being, this program is designed just for you. This nine-week program was created to help you focus more on your self-care and transition your mindset and well-being from a place of stress to a place of calm with the incorporation of: • Meditation: New or experienced, you will start with small sessions and increase the duration as you practice. *Friendly Reminder: Meditation is just that, a practice. It is not about perfection. It is about bringing your focus to the present. • Movement: Yoga, Walking, Cycling, Tai Chi, you choose which movements are right for your body. • Nature: Help to heal the mind and body by getting offline and getting outside. • Nurture: The mind and body with mindfulness, nutrition, and other chosen forms of self-care. There will be periodic stress evaluations every few weeks to assess your stress levels and see where there is a need for adjustments or improvements in your new routine. You can also journal your progress each day if that feels right for you. As you think about your current situation and consider entering this program, keep in mind creating a new self-care routine is designed to bring you calm, relaxation, and peace, not to create more stress by adding more tasks to your daily routine. The program is intended to be approached with ease and a mind open to adjusting to the daily changes life brings our way.

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New Jersey, USA

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