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Free BODi Programs Informational Call

A 1:1 call to discuss what BODi Fitness and Nutrition Programs are right for you.

Service Description

Throughout the free informational call, we will: • Discuss your current stress level, self-care, and wellness routine, and how it has or has not been working for you. • Discuss how we will adjust or create a new stress management and self-care routine using o BODi Total-Solution Pack or best fitness and nutrition programs o BODi Blocks o other BODi fitness and nutrition programs • Discuss how BODi Programs can help with your self-care and stress management journey to improve your well-being. • Discuss the BODi Total-Solution Pack or fitness and nutrition programs that can be combine with the nine-week program or utilize it on their own with the option of weekly 1:1 accountability/coaching sessions. The informational call will last approximately 30 to 45 minutes, but additional time will be dedicated to you if needed.

Contact Details

New Jersey, USA

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