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Desert to Bloom Wellness Coaching!

Welcome to the new Desert to Bloom website and blog!

Wellness Coaching, Health and Wellness Journey

Hello All!

I'm Karen, Coach & Founder of Desert to Bloom Wellness Coaching. I'm so excited to welcome you to my new website, where you will learn more about Desert to Bloom's coaching programs and tips on empowering yourself to live your healthiest and best life.

~Endurance and strength through times of struggle will allow you to bloom~

About Desert to Bloom

Desert to Bloom Wellness Coaching helps individuals reduce stress and improve their health, life, and wellness through mindfulness and sustainable habit change.

I provide clients with a System, Support, and Accountability Partner to help them progress towards greater fulfillment and improved health to the physical, emotional, and cognitive areas of life.

As a Health Coach, I am a trained professional passionate about reducing stress and improving health and wellness in every area of life. I will be your motivator, inspirer, cheerleader, a resource for new information, accountability partner, and most of all, an advocate for your success and wellbeing.

As a Life Coach, I am a wellness professional who helps people progress towards greater fulfillment, bringing healthier habits and mindset to the physical, emotional, and cognitive areas of life (including love/ relationships, money, career, spiritual/ that which is greater). I will help you to clarify goals, identify obstacles holding you back, and create strategies to overcome these obstacles.

The combined training of a Health and Life Coach can help you address areas that you may discover are affecting your Health, Life, and Wellness that you have not considered before because often, "how you do one thing is how you do everything."

I will work with you on your wellness journey to help and empower you to take action, relieve stress, and improve their health so they can Bloom and live their best life!

Fun fact about the logo

I love symbolism, so I chose the cactus as my visual because it symbolizes Endurance and Strength.

A cactus can survive in extremely arid areas of the desert. Even though the cactus may struggle through its life, someday it will produce and Bloom beautiful flowers.

It is a symbol for the people who face struggles and hard times in life but still have the endurance and strength that will allow them to Bloom!

That's all for now. I look forward to empowering you on your wellness journey! .,

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